One of the great privileges of the Christian life is to be able to converse with God through prayer.

At this time of global need prayer is more important than ever.

Our churches in Up Holland, Digmoor and Dalton are working together in providing a prayer chain. This is simply a group of people committed to pray regularly for people or situations brought to their attention.

If you would like us to pray for you, or for someone you know (you must ask for their permission first), then please simply ask.

All prayer requests are completely confidential, so only the people on the Prayer Chain will know about your needs and they will never discuss it with anyone. The church ministers are included in the Chain. You may, however wish to limit the amount of detail that is shared around the group, God will know who we are praying about!

If you wish to make a prayer request then simply click here and complete the simple form.




Many of you will have been fasting to some extent during Lent as is traditional. One thought that some may wish to consider is to continue that fast beyond Lent for as long as the Coronavirus crisis continues.

This will not be suitable for everyone, and depending on the extent of your fast, it may be necessary to amend the details of your fasting routine. It would also be reasonable to set yourself a time limit in case the crisis is very prolonged.

It would also be very appropriate to break your fast for the Easter weekend in order to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.