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The Beacon Churches: Achieving Our Vision

Having been through one of the most challenging times human beings have faced, we as church communities, as well as individuals, have much to reflect on and a great deal to plan for. 

The booklet linked on the right, called 'Achieving Our Vision' has been produced to be read alongside 5 short videos Jack and I have put together (with the help and guidance of Ian Cleverdon and Stuart Cleverdon); these can be accessed below. We are asking you to give time to watch each video (one a day and then 2 videos on day 4) after watching the video we would then like you to read the section in the booklet which links to that day. We are trying to share with you the Vision we have for our Parish, its three churches and all the new worshipping communities we want to establish. This is a challenging task, but it is our response to the challenging times in which we live. 

Click on the booklet image to access it. The videos below are hosted on YouTube and the length of each video is shown insinuates and seconds. Please contact Paul or Jack if you like to know more about the initiatives.


Day 1: What did you do during lockdown? (7:38)

Day 2: Becoming A Beacon (17:35)

Day 3: Seven Sacred Spaces (12:10)

Day 4: Stewardship (17:13)

See the bottom of this page for a downloadable link to the Parish Giving Scheme form relevant to your church, referred to in the video.

Epilogue: Final Thoughts, Reflections and Prayers (2:01)

Parish Giving Scheme Forms

In the Stewardship (Day 4) video, Ian Cleverdon, our Parish Recorder and Gift Aid Secretary, explains the huge benefits to us as a parish if your regular donations were made via this scheme. Even if you don't come to church but are a valued member of our community, you are most welcome to support us financially in this way.

Please find below a link allowing you to download a form relating to your chosen church in our parish. You can choose the frequency of donations. If you are a taxpayer, please remember to tick the relevant box; this allows us to claim back 25p from HMRC for every £1 you have paid (NOTE: you need to have paid equal to or more than the amount of tax than we can claim back in any one tax year). For more information on how the scheme works, please visit the Parish Giving Scheme website.

Christ The Servant, Digmoor

St Michael and All Angels, Dalton

St Thomas The Martyr, Up Holland

Frequently Asked Questions document

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