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Parish Graveyards

If you are thinking about asking for a burial place for a loved one in one of our graveyards, please read the information here and the details about our diocesan regulations about church graveyards.


As a parish we are committed to ensure that our graveyards remain peaceful places where everyone feels welcome and able to visit to remember loved ones.


The Church of England provides clear guidelines regarding graves, monuments, tributes and all areas concerning Church graveyards. Our diocesan regulations can be found on this website by clicking the button below.


To help ensure everyone agrees to follow the Church’s regulations concerning graveyards, we now ask everyone who has a grave in our churchyards to complete, sign and return a form before the burial of a loved one takes place where they commit to following the Church's regulations and guidance.

If you decide to apply for a place to inter a loved one, please contact the parish administrator. She will happily provide the forms and information you need.

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