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Up Holland Community Food Bank@the Hub, is based at St Thomas the Martyr Primary School.


Our Food Bank is now open every weekday morning during term time at St Thomas the Martyr Primary School, within the entrance area. (There will be no direct access to the main part of the school.)


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

8.45  – 11.15am


  • This is a small Food Bank to supplement other provision.

  • Please take whatever you need for personal / family use. 

  • There is no charge for any item. 

  • Vouchers or referrals are not needed.

  • If you wish to make a donation, please place this in the cash box at the Food Bank.

  • All money donated will be used to buy more goods for the Food Bank.

  • If you are in need of assistance from the Food Bank, please email Rob Foster.


How can you help?


1. By spreading the word about the service we offer


If you know of people who would benefit from support with food and household goods, please tell them about us and tell us about them. If getting to the Food Bank is a problem, we offer weekly box and bag deliveries


2. By donating items that we need


Donations of items such as tea, coffee, long life milk, tinned and packet foods, household cleaning and personal hygiene products are always welcome.


You can leave donations at the following locations:

  •  St Thomas the Martyr Church

  •  Up Holland Methodist Church

  •  St Thomas the Martyr Primary School

  •  Up Holland Co-op store


 Cash donations are also welcome - a donation box is held at the Food Bank.


3. By shopping at the Co-op


We are delighted that, from October 2021 until October 2022, we have been designated as a supported Local Cause under the Co-op Local Community Fund scheme. This means that, if you are a member of the Co-op and swipe or scan your membership card each time you shop, the Co-op will make a donation to the Food Bank. If you don't have a card, please consider registering for one, which can eb done on the Co-op website. Here's how it works when you have a card:

  1. Go to and log-in, then select 'Choose a local cause' from the menu and select Up Holland Community Hub Food Bank (see image below)

  2. Swipe your card (or app) at the till with each purchase whichever store you shop at.

  3. You will also gain 2p for every £1 you spend, from which you can either spend or donate.

Please help our local community in this simple way if you are able.

4. By volunteering at the Food Bank

If you have time to help our small team of helpers, whether that is collecting food from stores or helping at the Food Bank, please contact Thank you.

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